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The Åland archipelago is made up of thousands of islands, divided into six groups spanning from Vårdö in the west to Brändö in the northeast to Kökar in the south. In between them lies Föglö, Sottunga and Kumlinge.

Experience the untouched wilderness of the thousands of islands and visit our historical sites. Summertime is the season of swimming, bicycle excursions, restaurant visits, festivals and boat trips. Spring and autumn offers days of fishing in secluded bays, evening saunas and nights in cosy cabins.

ÅLAND.travel brings you all information you need for your visit to the archipelago with things to do, accommodation, restaurants and events.

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Transit map Åland Transit map Åland

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Island ferries

Ferry schedule Långnäs Galtby Southern Line

Långnäs - Galtby

Norra Linjen tidtabell Northern Line

Hummelvik - Brändö

Norra Linjen tidtabell Åva - Osnäs

Föglö färjan tidtabell Föglö Line

Svinö - Degerby

Tvärgående Linjen tidtabell Crossing Linjen

Långnäs - Snäckö

Bus lines

Buss Mariehamn Eckerö1 Eckerö

Buss Mariehamn Geta2 Geta

Buss Mariehamn Saltvik3 Saltvik

Buss Mariehamn Geta4 Vårdö

Buss Mariehamn Långnäs5 Långnäs

Buss Mariehamn Svinö5 Svinö


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