Things to do in Kökar

1. Kökar Church

The church of Kökar is dedicated to Saint Anna and was built in 1784. Inside there is a font from the 13th century. Next to the church lies the ruins of the medieval Franciscus monastery.

Open during summer

2. Källskär

Källskär lies in the outer archipelago of Kökar and is one of the most iconic destinations of the archipelago, famous for a smooth rock formation resembling a cauldron, presumed to have been shaped during the ice age. During the summers scholarship artists reside here to seek inspiration in the barren wilderness. Here visitors can find a statue of the gods' messenger Mercury as well as a beautiful garden.

Tours to Källskär are arranged daily during summer by Hotel Brudhäll, from the end of june until beginning of august.

Open during summer

59°52'26.0"N 20°54'13.2"E

3. Kalen nature trail

In western Kökar there is a nature trail stretching through impressive nature where you can see bronze age and iron age ruins, ancient graves, a stone labyrinth and remains of WWII fortifications.

A map can be collected at the municipal office weekdays 10:00-14:00.


4. Otterböte bronze age site

These remains are from a habitation for seal hunters from about 1000 BC.

Between Otterböte and Munkvärvan

5. Kökar folklore museum

This Museum is located in the old school in Hellsö. An exhibition in film and photographs shows the life in Kökar from the 19th century until the 1940s. There are more exhibitions here, among them an exhibition of old boats and motors and a blacksmith. For visits outside of season please call +358 457 524 4077

6. Sailing Mariehamn to Kökar

Anton's Guesthouse offers two days of sailing from Mariehamn to Kökar in an old fashioned sailing vessel with an overnight stay in the outer archipelago of Föglö. All meals are included in the price.

Group sizes 6-9 people.

7. Kayaking

Kayaks can be rented hourly, daily or weekly from these places:


Sandvik Gästhamn


8. Fishing

Fishing licenses can be bought at Sandvik Gästhamn and the Karlby bakery.

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