Two day bike tour on Åland


Kids 4-12€69

This route takes you to Kumlinge, in the middle of the Åland archipelago and then back to Mariehamn, passing Vårdö, the Bomarsund ruins as well as the Kastelholm castle. The first leg goes from Mariehamn to the Långnäs harbour, where you bring your bikes on an island ferry to Snäckö in Kumlinge. From there you bike across Kumlinge to another ferry pier in the north of the island, where you depart to Hummelvik in Vårdö. The last leg takes you from Vårdö back to Mariehamn, passing the Kastelholm castle.

Ferry to Åland

🌒 1 night

☀️ 2 days

🛏 Double rooms

Accommodation in double rooms at hotels and guesthouses. Showers and bathrooms in separate buildings.

☕️ Breakfast

Breakfast is included in all accommodations.

🚲 3-geared bike

Our standard bicycle is a 3-geared 28" bike of the model Helkama Ainotar, made in Finland. Comfortable to ride and with a basket in the front. This model can be upgraded to 7 gears for €30

We also have 24" kid bikes of the model Helkama Jopo, with 3 gears. This classic childrens bicycle is the most popular model in Scandinavia.

If you travel with your own bicycle we will give a discount on the price.

💼 Panniers

Bike panniers with a capacity of 20 litres are included. Your empty bags can be kept when you collect the rental bikes, or stored in safe lockers in the Mariehamn ferry terminal.

Day 1: Mariehamn to Kumlinge

Mariehamn to Långnäs

Your tour starts by taking the morning ferry to Mariehamn from Stockholm, Turku or Kapellskär. Aboard the ship you can have brunch and enjoy the view of the Sea of Åland if you travel from Sweden, or the view of the Åland arhcipelago if you travel from Finland. Once you are ashore in Mariehamn you collect your bikes from the other side of the street from the ferry terminal

From there the biking starts, through the pretty town of Marieahmn and then onwards along the bike lane east towards Långnäs harbour. On your way you'll pass the beautiful Lemström canal, built by prisoners of the Russian Czar. In Långnäs you bring your bikes aboard the ferry M/S Odin, which will bring you out to Snäckö in southern Kumlinge.

Ferry ticket: €6

Photo: Albin Högman


The tiny islands of Kumlinge take about 40 minutes to cross by bike. You can visit the stone church in the village, with very old medieval wall paintings. In the Enklinge island there is a preserved homestead from the turn fo the century.

Once youve reached the northern shore of Kumlinge, your hotel will send a boat to come and pick you up and bring you out to the Bärö island - where a coast guard station has been renewed and turned into a hotel with a restaurant. This place is a real treasure among the islands. You can eat a tasty meal in the restaurant, have a sauna or climb the coast guard tower for truly incredible vistas. Here you'll be accommodated in comfortable double rooms.

Day 2: Vårdö, Bomarsund, Kastelholm

Vårdö & Bomarsund

After your breakfast at the hotel you'll get a boat ride back to the ferry pier in Kumlinge. There you'll bring your bikes onto the next island ferry, which will bring you to Hummelvik in Vårdö. In Vårdö you bike through different islands and take a cable ferry to the main Åland island. On your way you cross the longest bridge in Åland, between Vargata and Töftö.

After the ferry you have only a short distance of biking to reach the Bomarsund fortress ruins. A huge naval battle took place here during the Crimean war in the 19th century. Thousands of British and French troops attacked this Russian fortress with canons, guns and rockets. After defeating the Russian defenders, they blew up the fortress and left the ruins that stand there today

Photo: Visit Finland


From Bomarsund to Kastelholm you have about 10km or 35 minutes of biking.

The Kastelholm castle is one of the most visited attractions in Åland. The first castle was built here during the 14th century and Nordic kings have stayed here, as well as been imprisoned here as in the case of Erik XIV. The castle has been the focal point of several political conflicts throuhgout the middle ages and has also burnt down - several times. There are several museums nearby the castle.

🎟 Entry: €6


Back in Mariehamn you can visit the Åland Maritime Museum and the proud old sailing ship Pommern, which is moored next to the museum. Mariehamn has a large selection of restaurants and friendly cafés, pretty small town architecture and walking paths along the shores and through parks. After returning your bikes you can take the afternoon ferry back or stay and explore Åland for more days.

Photo: Visit Finland

€154 per adult BOOK