◀︎ Bike routes

Adults €185

Kids €129

🛏 1 night

🚴🏻‍♀️ 24 km

Easy two day E-bike tour in the Åland Islands

Private guides available

This tour is great to get to know Åland during a weekend or a couple of days. You travel by cruise ship to the largest of the Åland islands from Stockholm, Turku or Grisslehamn. Onboard the ship you can enjoy breakfast or brunch in one of the restaurants. Mariehamn is the sole city of Åland and a centre of maritime history. After departing the ship you will collect your bikes by the cruise terminal.

If you want a private bicycle guide, they will meet you when you depart the ship. Your guide will bike with you and tell you everything you'd like to know about the Åland Islands and showing you their favourite places. If you'd like, your guide can pack a picnic for your trip, at €20 per person.

Together with your guide you decide which attractions in Mariehamn to visit first, before biking along one of the most beautiful roads in Åland to Järsö, where you can experience our nature in all its prime.

Back in Mariehamn you'll check in at Strandnäs Hotel, and have the rest of the evening to explore the rest of the town on your e-bikes. The next morning you'll return your bicycles and board a cruise ship heading back or continuing to your next port.


🛳 Ship to Åland

From Stockholm at 07:45

From Turku at 08:45

From Grisslehamn at 10:00

Departures from Helsinki not included

⚡️ E-Bike

Our electric bicycles are of the model Helkama E7, made in Finland, and with batteries that last all day. If you prefer to pedal on traditional bikes or want to bring your own bikes, we can offer a discounted price.

☀️ Two days

🌒 One night

🏨 Double rooms

Accommodation in double rooms at Strandnäs Hotel, including private bathroom and shower.

☕️ Breakfast

Breakfast at Strandnäs Hotel

🛳 Ship from Åland

Arrives in Stockholm at 18:55

Arrives in Turku at 19:50

Arrives in Grisslehamn at 14:30 or 19:30

Ship to Helsinki not included


🚴🏻‍♀️ Private guide

Our private guides help you make the most of your trip.

🥧 Picnic

Your guide can pack a picnic for €20 per person if you'd like.



You depart in the morning with a cruise ship to Åland from Stockholm, Grisslehamn or Turku. Crossing the sea takes 3-6 hours and you have plenty of time to enjoy the view of the Sea of Åland if you travel from Sweden, or the Archipelago Sea if you travel from Finland. Aboard your ship there are several restaurants, serving excellent breakfast or brunch buffet. If you depart from Grisslehamn you will have one hour of bus journey from Eckerö to Mariehamn.

Mariehamn videoMariehamn

In Mariehamn you arrive at the ship terminal in the Western harbour. Here you collect your electric bikes and decide which attractions in Mariehamn you'd like to visit first. If you book a guided tour with us, your private guide will meet you in the terminal when you leave the ship.

In the Western harbour you can visit the Åland Maritime Museum and the impressive, four masted tall ship Pommern, docked in the bay by the museum. Here you can discover much about our maritime history, and how sailing the world's oceans throughout the ages has influenced the Ålandic people.

On the other side of the town you'll find the Eastern harbour, with the Maritime Quarter and seafaring culture in the smaller scale, such as traditional wooden boat building and other crafts. From Mariehamn you continue south to Järsö.

You travel by cruise ship to Åland, picture: Lina Eskils Aboard the ship you can have breakfast and enjoy the view Your ship will pass the Kobba Klintar islands Cruise ship terminal in Mariehamn, picture: kallerna You will have E-Bikes of Finnish brand Helkama Western harbour, picture: Linda Siltala Tall ship Pommern by the Maritime Museum, picture: bahnfrend Saint George's church in Mariehamn, picture: Håkan Svensson Sloop in the Maritime quarter, picture: Peter Törnroos

24km biking


From Mariehamn you'll continue by bike 12km south towards Järsö. The road connecting the islands are one of the most beautiful in Åland, with stretches of biking surrounded by the sea on both sides.

Along the way you can visit the nature conservation area Espholm, where you can follow the road to a small beach for swimming. After a while you reach Nåtö, another natural reserve.

The last ilsand is Järsö, where you can stop by Stickstugan Café for a break, or continue to the nature trail on Lilla Björkö.

After Järsö you bike back to Mariehamn the same way. By the terminal you can collect your luggage and then bike to Strandnäs Hotell in the northern part of town to check in for the night. The town has a fine selection of restaurants and night life around the Eastern harbour.


Biking to Järsö

€185 per adult Book

Picture: Kristine Kleinberga