Brändö vapen


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1. Brändö church

Dedicated to the apostle Jacob and built in 1893. Here you can see a winged altarpiece from the 15th century.

📅 Open during summer

📍 Brändö village

Brändö Kyrka

2. Archipelago museum in Lappo

An exhibition of old boats, fishing equipment and photographies. You can visit the old blacksmith with equipment from the past.

📅 Open during summer

📍 Lappo

Lappo skärgårdsmuseum

3. Hiking

In Jurmo there is a trail leading to a lookout tower with an impressing view of the archipelago sea.

In Lappo there is a 5 km nature trail starting by the marina.

In Torsholma there is a nature trail leading to a tower looking out over Skiftet.


4. Guided fishing trips

These operators arrange guided fishing trips:

Kaj's boat trips

Hotel Gullvivan

Asterholma Cabins



5. Kayaking

These operators rent out kayaks:

Asterholma Cabins


Djurmo Tourism


6. Bird hunting in Jurmo

Bird hunting is one of the oldest traditions of the archipelago. Join an exciting and unique hunting trip with lodging and meals included!

Djurmo Turism


7. Boat excursions with Falken

The boat Falken makes scheduled excursions to the islands of Jungruskär, Enskär and Katanpää during summer.

Boat taxi Falken

Falken båttaxi

8. Seal safaris

We arrange seal safaris for small or large groups. The tour takes about 4 hours and meals can be arranged for €40 per person.

🛥 Book a seal safari