Åland islands


These islands are easy to reach from the Åland "mainland", thanks to frequent ferries. Crossing the islands takes you to the Överö pier where other ferries give you access to the rest of the archipelago. Among the attractions in Föglö is the historic guesthouse and court Enigheten in Degerby, preserved in 18th century style. Nearby you'll find the lakeside restaurant Seagram, famous for their Jazz & Blues festival in august as well as probably the best pizza in Åland. The Föglö islands are great for fishing, sailing and kayaking, with good odds of seeing the white tailed eagle.


Sottunga is one of the smallest communities in Finland, with less than a hundred inhabitants. The tiny island has a popular marina with a restaurant that is well worth visiting - with your own boat or by island ferry.


Right in the middle of the archipelago the 800 islands of Kumlinge are scattered. The largest of them has an air strip and a decommissioned aeronautical beacon. The old cost guard station has been repurposed into a hotel and visitors' marina. In Kumlinge there is a medieval church and a preserved homestead from the turn of the century.


A perfect destination for kayaking enthusiasts, who can rent equipment as well as guides at the Sandösund camping. Vårdö is also great for a day trip from Mariehamn, the road passes the Kastelholm castle and the ferry to Vårdö takes only five minutes. Here there are several tiny museums and out on Stormskär ("Storm Island") there is a guesthouse offering both hunting and fishing for their visitors.


Brändö is a well developed tourist destination, with close communications to Finland. Travelling to Brändö from Turku takes just a couple of hours. Brändö is great for fishing and a dozen establishments offer accommodation in everything from hotels to remote cabins. If you don't like fishing, come here for seal spotting instead!


This is one of the most remote places of Åland, with a history shrouded in mystery. In prehistoric times seal hunting expeditions set up camp here and during medieval times there was a Franciscan monastery by the port. The voyage to Kökar takes several hours through the archipelago and is an attraction by itself. You'll find hotels, B&Bs and restaurants to make your stay as long as you prefer.

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