Camping in the Åland Islands

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With a camping holiday in Åland you are never far away from your own secluded place to set up your tent. The climate is pleasant in summer and the long days and bright nights make the islands a fine destination for camping, no matter if you travel on foot, by bike or by car. Buses and island ferries bring you out to the islands all the way from Eckerö, Mariehamn or Finland. If you're a backpacker without a vehicle you can ride the island ferries for free. There are many grocery shops on the different islands to buy food and supplies. If you camp close to settlements it is customary to ask the land owner for permission.

Picture: Tomas Anton Nyholm

Kökar nature

Camping on a desert island

An unforgettable experience of our nature can be had by kayaking in the inner archipelago and camping on uninhabited islands. While paddling you will have good odds of seeing the impressive white tailed eagles high above. Enthusiasts travel by sailing kayak, but rumors have it that some people use an umbrella to save their strength with the right winds. Stop by an island village for lunch and resupplying, when the evening comes you can set up your camp for the night on one of the hundreds of uninhabited islands. If you prefer a lesser challenge you can rent a kayak for just a day instead. Some islands and skerries are prohibited to enter in order to protect breeding birds.

Föglö nature

Åland Islands by ferry

If you want to experience the southern archipelago instead you should hop on the bus from Mariehamn to Svinö, where ferries depart twelve times per day to Degerby in Föglö.

Arriving from Finland through Galtby, you should make your first stop in the remote island of Kökar. Three kilometers from the ferry pier you will find camping site and marina Sandvik.

Arriving from Finland through Osnäs, you should make your first stop in Brändö or Kumlinge instead.

Picture: Nico Pynnönen

Kumlinge shore

Camper-van & RV

Most camping sites offer parking spots with electricity for RVs. Bringing a large vehicle on the island ferries costs €64 - €105 and advance reservation is required, except for trips on the Föglö line. A ferry ticket is valid for unlimited trips within the archipelago. Bringing an RV from Finland straight to Långnäs or Hummelvik without spending at least one night is prohibitively expensive. The same is true for travel in the opposite direction.

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Camping grounds in Åland

Good to know

🎣 Fishing

Fishing is regulated in Åland. You need to purchase a fishing license for the area you would like to fish in. The license is not expensive and money collected is invested in conservation efforts.

Online fishing license

🔥 Fire

Many people want to enjoy the summer evenings on the smooth boulders by the water. The strong heat from a bonfire will crack the rock and destroy it for eternity. Make your bonfire on gravel or sand beaches instead. The risk of forest fires can be extremely high during summer, therefore never make your fire on the forest soil. During prolonged dry weather any making of fire can be prohibited.

🦟 Insects

Bug spray is always recommended during summer. Be aware of ticks if you walk in forests or meadows. A good way to get rid off them is having a sauna in the evening. Be aware of symptoms of lyme disease if you've had a tick bite.

🐾 Dogs

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times to not disturb the wildlife.

♻️ Waste

There are many recycling stations for sorted waste. Biological or unsorted waste is received by most camping sites.

🚧 Gates

Please close all gates behind you so the cattle doesn't escape. Do not tread on the farmers' crops.

🍸 Alcohol

The supermarkets on the islands don't stock anything stronger than beer. If you'd like to enjoy some wine or stronger beverage it is recommended to buy it on the ferry to Åland or to have dinner in a restaurant.

💶 Currency

Most camping sites accept credit cards.