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Kumlinge is a group of islands in the northeastern part of the Åland archipelago with a population of about 320. Kumlinge consists of more than 800 islands, four of them inhabited. Businesses and places to visit are spread out on the four islands of Kumlinge, Seglinge, Enklinge and Snäckö. Small ferries go between the islands.

Kumlinge island

This is the largest island in the group and here you'll find most places of interest, among them Kumlinge church, dedicated to Saint Anna and famous for it's unique chalk paintings from the middle of the last millennium. The church was built from stone during the 14th century and contains artifacts even older.

Sjölund's museum is found in the Kumlinge cultural centre where various old objects are exhibited. This is also a place for cultural events and concerts.

The only remaining aeronautical beacon of Åland stands on Kumlinge island. These beacons were constructed during the end of the 1930's to aid the nightly flight traffic between Stockholm and Helsinki until they were made obsolete by radio navigation. The flights carried post between the capitals at much greater speed than the steamboats before them. The post between Sweden and Finland had been carried by sea through Åland since the 14th century and was conducted by "post peasants" who each had responsibility for part of the route. The post needed to be carried forward regardless of weather and many men have perished at sea or under the ices throughout the ages.

Chalk paintings in the medieval church


On this island in northern Kumlinge you can visit the outdoor museum Hermas, a preserved old homestead with around 20 buildings for people and cattle.

Seglinge vandringsled Kumlinge

Seglinge walking trail


Seglinge is an island in the southernmost part of Kumlinge. Here you can visit the marina, visit the store to make purchases or walk a nature trail. This island is also the home of Sagolik Service, an agency arranging boat excursions, seal safaris and kayak and bike rentals.

Kumlinge by boat

There are several marinas in Kumlinge. By Kumlinge Cabins you will find the largest among them with space for 45 boats. On Seglinge there is a smaller marina for 25 boats and on Enklinge there is a pier for visiting boats.

⚓️ Kumlinge marinas

Kumlinge tourist map

Directions to Kumlinge

From Eckerö

Buses depart to Mariehamn from Berghamn where the Eckerö Linjen ships arrive from Sweden. The bus takes 40 minutes.

From Mariehamn, Vårdö, Föglö & Sottunga

Buses depart from the bus lot next to the city library, going to Hummelvik in Vårdö. From there the ferries on the Northern Line departs for Kumlinge. The bus takes about one hour and the ferry one more hour. The ferry is free for passengers without a vehicle.

An alternative route is taking a bus from Mariehamn to Långnäs harbour where the ferry on the Crossing Line departs for Snäckö in Kumlinge, stopping by Föglö and Sottunga on the way. The ferry is free for passengers without a vehicle.

Ferry: Vårdö - Kumlinge - Brändö

Ferry: Långnäs - Föglö - Kumlinge

From Finland & Brändö

From Gustavs in Finland ferries depart for Åva in northern Brändö. From there you can drive to Torsholma where the ferries on the Northern Line going west to Vårdö stop by. On their way to Vårdö the ferries stop in Kumlinge. The ferries are free for passengers without a vehicle.

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