⛔️ Border status 12.7.2021: Tourists can travel to Åland only if they can show a certificate of full Covid-19 vaccination.

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Travel tips

Night boats

Most night boats stop briefly in Långnäs, which is far from any accommodation or service. The ferries often arrive at such a late hour that it might be difficult to arrange with check-in at your accommodation. Make sure you have everything arranged before booking a night boat to Långnäs.


Taxis are very expensive on Åland and modern services such as Uber and Lyft are outlawed. In case you need transportation on the smaller islands it is recommended you arrange this with your accommodation before arrival, since the local taxi drivers otherwise might be busy tending their farms or fishing.

Island ferries

The island ferries are excellent for getting around. Passengers without a vehicle can ride for free as much as they want and tickets for bicycles are cheap. With your vehicle ticket you can ride the island ferries as many times as you want, as long as you stay within the archipelago. During summer it is recommended that all passengers with cars book their tickets in advance with the operator Ålandstrafiken, except for the Föglö ferry, which can't be booked.


Åland is excellent for biking or riding a motorcycle or scooter. You can rent your bike directly by the ferry terminal in Mariehamn or bring your own. The most trafficed roads usually have separate bike lanes. The terrain in Åland is mostly flat, making biking a true pleasure.


All buses on the main Åland island depart and arrive to the worn down Bus station by the city library in Mariehamn. Tickets are purchased directly from the driver, cash only. Make sure to check bus schedules very carefully when planning your trip, as they can be somewhat cryptic and vary from day to day. Buses are exceptionally modern and comfortable.

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