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Sandösund is a resort in Vårdö, easy to reach by car from Eckerö or Mariehamn. Accommodation is offered in cabins, apartments or a fully equipped house. This is the hub for kayaking in the archipelago and visitors can rent a kayak or go on guided expeditions. Fishing packages are also offered, as well as three night retreats with one night spent in a cabin on a private island. In the resort tavern breakfast and other meals are served.

🎣 Fishing

🔥 Sauna

🍽 Restaurant

🛶 Kayak rentals

Happiness is having your own island. The archipelago around Lökskär is very pristine and immensely beautiful. This is a place to find great peace and enjoy nature. This is a place that suits most people; families with children, fishing enthusiasts or groups of friends. It is possible to stay here any time of year as long as the waters or ices permit. In springtime you can enjoy the birds' song and nature waking up after the winter, during summer sun and swimming, autumn storms howling outside while you enjoy the view from inside the cozy cabin.

🎣 Fishing

🏡 Private island

🔥 Sauna

🍽 Catering