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At the Sandösund Taverna we serve local specialities. Order a cup of coffee with freshly baked bread or enjoy the meal of the day. For dessert we recommend the traditional Åland pancake served with plum jam and whipped cream.

There is always fish on our menu, fresh from the nearby waters. Smoked fish is prepared by us here in Sandösund. A glass of local Stallhagen beer goes well with all kinds of food – or without. With grilled meat we serve a glass of wine originating from a carefully selected vineyard.

Sandösund Tavern

A new restaurant in Vårdö that opened in spring 2021, serving dishes with local and international influences, as well as their home-brewed ale. They have a garden and event facilities.

Kallas restaurant

The small "Harbour warehouse" opened for business in the summer 2021 by the marina in Vargata. Here you find burgers, shrimp sandwiches, smoked shrimps and fish, as well as cakes and other sweets. It offers a nice view over the harbour.

Hamnmagasinet restaurant