Bike tour around the Åland Islands

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This route begins in Mariehamn and goes to the ferry port of Svinö where cyclists take a ferry to Degerby in Föglö. From Degerby the biking route continues across the islands of Föglö until the northern ferry port in Överö where a ferry departs to Snäckö in Kumlinge. The tour continues to northern Kumlinge where the ferries on the Northern Line depart to Hummelvik in Vårdö. From Vårdö the journey continues to the Kastelholm castle and then returns to Mariehamn.

2 days: Spend the night i Kumlinge

3 days: Spend the nights in Föglö and Vårdö

Time: 2-3 days

Distance: 160km

On bike: 104km

At sea 56km

Day 1: Föglö

1. Mariehamn to Svinö

The Viking Line and Tallink Silja ships arrive in the western port of the town of Mariehamn. Facing the ferry terminal is the bike rental agency RONO. Biking northward through Mariehamn you'll reach the large roundabout called "The Octopus". From there the Lemlandsvägen road continues to Svinö in the east. On your way you will pass several cafés and a supermarket, as well as the Lemström canal which has a bridge that opens for 15 minutes every hour to let boats through. By the bridge their is an ice cream vendor.

3-gear bike, per day: €15

2. Svinö to Degerby

From Svinö the ship M/S Skarven departs to Degerby in Föglö. Departures are 9-12 times daily and the voyage is 25 minutes. There is a café onboard.

Ferry schedule to Föglö

Return ticket for bike: €6

3. Degerby

In Degerby you can stop by the Föglö museum right by the harbor or play miniature golf by the supermarket. Tullkällarn is a cosy cellar pub next to the harbor where they serve pizzas with a local touch. Further ahead in Degerby you'll find Restaurant Seagram, famous for their seafood buffet and excellent á la carte.

The most interesting stop in Degerby is the preserved historical guesthouse and courthouse Enigheten in northern Degerby. The king of Sweden gave orders to build an inn here as early as in the 17th century and the place has been preserved since it was rebuilt in the 18th century and hosts travelers until this day. Here you will find a popular restaurant serving casual dining and an internationally influenced á la carte.

Double room with breakfast: €90

Day 2: Kumlinge

4. Degerby to Överö

The high road from Degerby to Överö is sparsly trafficked, running along farm fileds and through forests. Two bridges and a cable ferry connect the islands of Föglö. The cable ferry is free and takes a few minutes before the road continues to Överö in northern Föglö.

Along the way you can take a look at the 7km long Jyddö hiking trail.

5. Föglö to Kumlinge

Ferries on the Crossing Line arrive to Överö and continues to Snäckö in Kumlinge, 2-3 times daily. The voyage to Snäckö takes 1 hour and tickets bought in Svinö are valid for the continued trip.

Ferry Schedule: Överö - Snäckö

6. Kumlinge

In Kumlinge there are several interesting sights. Among them is the Kumlinge church, famous for its medieval ceiling artworks as well as the open air museum Hermas in Enklinge.

Your options for accommodation include camping, hotel, B&B and cabins. There is a supermarket on the island of Kumlinge and one on the island of Enklinge. There is a restaurant by Kumlinge Cottages as well as one in Hotel Glada Laxen on the island of Bärö

Camping from €8/person

Cabins from €45/night

Double rooms from €76/night

From Snäckö to the ferry port in northern Kumlinge the bike route stretches 11km.

Day 3: Vårdö

7. Kumlinge to Vårdö

From the ferry port in northern Kumlinge the ships on the Northern Line depart to Hummelvik in Vårdö. During summer the departs are 3-4 times daily. If you want to make the whole route in one day you should take the ferry that departs 16:20 every weekday. The journey takes 1:30h, there is a café on board.

Ferry schedule: Kumlinge - Vårdö

8. Vårdö

Vårdö has several small museums, among them The Åland School Museum and Lasse Eriksson's maritime museum. Vårdö also offers good alternatives for sleeping as well as restaurants and cafés. On your way from Vårdö to Kastelholm you will pass the widest bridge of Åland, spanning 300m between Vargata and Töftö. The last ferry on the route is the small Töftö ferry to Sund.

Camping from €5/person

Cabins from €40/night

Double rooms from €100/night

9. Vårdö to Kastelholm

From Hummelvik to Kastelholm castle the road stretches 22,5km, about 1:30h by bike.

The Kastelholm castle is one of the most visited sights on Åland. The first castle was constructed in the 14th century and has hosted nordic kings as well as been a prison for king Erik XIV of Sweden. The castle has been the scene of various political conflicts during medieval times and been burnt down several times. There are several museums nearby the castle.

Entry: €6

10. Kastelholm to Mariehamn

From Kastelholm the highroad continues back to Mariehamn. The stretch is 24,5km and takes about 1:30h by bike.