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Frequently asked questions

1. Can we make the tours with our own bicycles instead of rentals?
- Yes, it is possible and we will deduct the price of the rental bike from your package. Your group can be mixed with people renting bikes and people with their own bikes.

2. What do the island ferries in Åland cost?
- The island ferries are free for passengers and cost €8 per bicycle. The first bike ticket you buy is valid for all ferries within Åland, so remember to keep it during your whole trip!

3. Are helmets mandatory for cyclists?
- No, but you can rent helmets if you wish when you collect your bikes.

4. Do the tours include a guide?
- No, all bicycle tours are self-guided. It is easy to find your way on the roads in Åland.

5. Are your tours suitable for families with kids?
- Yes, kids can do all our tours with comfort and we have rental bikes for them. You can also rent a child trailer for your bike.

6. What do we do if it rains?
- We recommend bringing rain coats in your luggage. The weather is beyond anyone's control, even though it's usually sunny and nice.

7. Are there places to have lunch along the way?
- Yes. Depending on route and date we can recommend different places for lunch. Restaurants for dinner are at or nearby your accommodations.

8. Can I stay in a single room instead of a double room?
- Yes. It costs a bit more, depending on your tour.

9. Can we do the tours with our motorcycles or mopeds?

Our standard bike

- Absolutely! Just inform us in the "Request" field on the booking page and we'll arrange it for you. Please be advised that motorcycles are more expensive to bring on ferries than bicycles.

10. How do we pay for the tours?
- After we've made your reservation you will receive an electronic invoice by email. This invoice is payable by any credit or debit card. All tours have to be paid in advance.

11. What are your terms & conditions?

  • In case you cancel a reservation at least 3 days before your starting date, we will refund your purchase in full.

  • In case you don't cancel your reservation and don't arrive for the tour we cannot give any refunds.

  • Cancellations or changes to reservations have to be done through ÅLAND.travel, not with the accommodation providers.

  • In case you need to change dates or alter your reservation, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

  • 12. Is insurance included?
    - Yes, insurance is included for the cyclists, but not for the bicycle.

    13. Can you book our ferry from Åland also?
    - Yes, please indicate this in the field "Requests" when making your reservation.

    14. Can we add an extra night on any of the destinations or upgrade our room?
    - Absolutely! Please inform us in advance and we'll arrange it.

    15. Can you make us a special tour that is different?
    - Absolutely, please write to us at book@aland.travel and we'll get back to you with our suggestions.

    16. Where do we collect our bikes?
    - The bike rental agency is located by the Mariehamn ferry terminal, on the other side of the street.

    17. What do we need to bring?
    You need to bring ID to board the ship to Åland, as well as to collect rental bikes.

    We also recommend bringing the following equipment:

  • Rain coat

  • Head torch for late biking

  • Swimming clothes to take a refreshing bath

  • Bug repellent

  • 18. Are bike bags included?
    - Yes. As of the 24th of May 2021 bike bags are now included in all our tours.

    Our bike bags






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