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Bike tour: Pearls of the Archipelago

Our new bike tour lets you visit some of the loveliest places in the Åland archipelago, with accommodation at cosy B&Bs and small hotels.

You start in Mariehamn, where you have a lot of time for the many sights in this port town before you start pedaling to Saltvik in the North for your first night's accommodation in Åland in a Bed & Breakfast.

Day two you'll visit the Kastelholm castle, one of Åland's most popular attractions. The bike tour continues to the Bomarsund fortress ruins. After that you pedal eastward and can go on one of the most beautiful roads out to the Simskäla island. Or spend your afternoon relaxing in Vårdö at Sandösund. When evening comes you'll take one of the island ferries out to Kumlinge, where you'll sleep in a cabin by the sea.

Day three you continue by island ferries to Kökar - one of our most beloved islands in the outer archipelago. Here you'll stay in Anton's Guesthouse close to Hamnö or in Klobbars Guesthouse in Hellsö.

Day four gives you more time to explore Kökar. After lunch you take an island ferry back to mainland Åland. From Långnäs you bike back to Mariehamn, passing the beautiful Lemström canal on the way. In Mariehamn you will be accommodated in a comfortable hotel, with the night free to sample restaurants and night life.

Day five you pedal along the beautiful road out to the Järsö island, surrounded by water on both sides. There you can stop for a coffee before heading back to Mariehamn.


🛳 Ferry to Åland

From Stockholm at 07:45

From Turku at 08:45

From Kapellskär at 09:30 or 12:00

From Grisslehamn at 10:00

Departures from Helsinki not included

🚢 Island ferries

🛏 Double rooms

Accommodation in double rooms at hotels and guesthouses. Showers and bathrooms in separate buildings.

🏡 1 night in cabin

☕️ Breakfast

Breakfast is included in all accommodations.

🚲 3-geared bike

Our standard bicycle is a 3-geared 28" bike of the model Helkama Ainotar, made in Finland. Comfortable to ride and with a basket in the front. This model can be upgraded to 7 gears for €30

We also have 24" kid bikes of the model Helkama Jopo, with 3 gears. This classic childrens bicycle is the most popular model in Scandinavia.

If you travel with your own bicycle we will give a discount on the price.

💼 Bike bags

☀️ 5 days

🌙 4 nights

🚴🏻‍♂️ Distance: 138 km

🗺 Tailored tour programme


🛳 Ferry from Åland

🌙 Extra night

Day 1: 24km

Mariehamn to Saltvik

After arriving with the ship from Finland or Sweden to Mariehamn you can collect your bikes nearby the ferry terminal. Make sure to check out the Åland Maritime Museum and the large sailing ship Pommern before you leave the port area.

From Mariehamn you bike North along forests, farm fields and villages until you reach the Färjsund bridge. There you can enjoy the view on the hilltop café "Uffe på Berget" Your trip continues for a few kilometres until you reach the first B&B in a small country village where you'll spend the night.

Maritime town Mariehamn Ship to Mariehamn included Museum ship Pommern Bridge over Färjsund Saltvik B&B 3-geared rental bike included Pannier bags included

Day 2: 35km

Kastelholm, Bomarsund, Vårdö

Breakfast at the B&B. Then it's time to get back in the saddles and pedal a short distance to the Kastelholm castle, which has served an important role in the history of Åland since meideval times. Lately it has been renovated to serve as a tourist attraction. Nearby there are several museums and restaurants for your dinner.

Kastelholm panorama

After a bit of more biking you reach the ruins of the Bomarsund fortress. This impressive construction was commissioned by the Czar when Åland was a part of Russia and was meant to house thousands of soldiers. Construction was never completed - instead the fort was attacked by British and French troops, who saw to destroy it with explosives after having taken it.

Bomarsund panorama

Leaving Bomarsund, you'll bike Eastward to Vårdö. Here you can continue on one of Åland's nicest bike roads to Simskäla or you can relax during the afternoon at Sandösund Resort. In the evening you'll board your first island ferry - bringing you to Kumlinge, where you'll spend the night in cabins by the sea.

Kastelholm castle Kastelholm castle Bomarsund fortress ruins Boat houses in Vårdö Simskäla ferry pier in Hummelvik Road in Kumlinge Accommodation in a cabin


You can add an extra night to visit Geta in Northern Åland and stay the night in a nice cottage with a great view for €40 per person. Just write "Geta" in the message box when making your reservation.

Day 3: 20km

Kumlinge & Kökar

After your breakfast at the hotel you get a boat ride back to Kumlinge. You bike across this small island to take an island ferry in the southern port. On your way you can peek inside the Kumlinge church and look at the unique medieval chalk paintings. You continue by island ferry through the Åland archipelago, stopping in Föglö and passing Sottunga before you reach Kökar. On the ferry you can enjoy the view with a cup of coffee on the deck.

In the outermost archipelago of Åland you'll reach Kökar, with many interesting sights, such as the medieval stone church in Hamnö, the Kalen hiking trail, or harbour village Karlby. Kökar is small and easy to bike around. You'll stay the night in a nice guesthouse.

Hamnö panorama

Kumlinge, foto: 2lovecycling Överö in Föglö Hamnö in Kökar Mural in Kökar church Wonderful nature in Kökar Kökar, picture: Visit Finland Klobbars Guesthouse Antons Guesthouse


If you'd like to upgrade your accommodation we can book a room at Hotel Brudhäll for €40 per person. Just write "Brudhall" in the message box when making your reservation.

Day 4: 35km

Southern Åland

You have the first part of the day to explore more of Kökar and eat lunch before you take the island ferry back to mainland Åland. From the port Långnäs you continue by bike to Mariehamn. On the way you pass the Lemström canal, built by Russian prisoners during the Czar reign. The bridge over the canal opens every hour to let sailing yachts and larger boats pass through.

If you like to bike some more miles you can go ashore already in Överö and bike through Föglö before continuing to Mariehamn.

In Mariehamn you'll be accommodated at Strandnäs Hotel and have the evening free to sample the town's restaurants and nightlife. Or just relax.

Island bridge, picture: Visit Finland Restaurang Seagram in Föglö Shipping lane outside Degerby Pellas estate Lemström canal Painting at Önningeby museum Strandnäs Hotell

Day 5: 24km


Breakfast at your hotel. Then you bike through Mariehamn heading south to Järsö. This is one of the most beautiful roads in Åland. Arriving in Järsö you can have a cup of coffee and a snack before returning to Mariehamn to return the bikes. On the way back you can stop by the Åland Art Museum. Remember to sample our famous Åland pancake in some café or restaurant before leaving!

Road to Järsö Kobba Klintar Houses in Mariehamn Eastern harbour, picture: Visit Finland Åland Maritime Museum Åland Maritime Museum Our famous Åland pancake

€388 per adult BOOK

Photo: Jana Hulgren






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